I like to think about myself as an active part in the developing process of a new generation of successful athletes, always willing to learn more from all of them and, at the same time, to share whatever might be of interest from my past experiences because #SharingIsCaring.

12 World appearances and 3 medals26 International appearances between Asia and Europe taking back home 6 medalsMore than 80 National appearances with a total of 25 medals. Along the way, he has been assistant to the coach of a World Record holder and several Olympic and World medalists but what really makes him proud about his coaching career is the 100+ Personal Best he helped to achieve. Yes, as you can tell Alessandro loves numbers.

Alessandro Vigo (1985) is an Italian Strength and Conditioning Professional specializing in Metabolic Assessment and Performance Analysis with more than a decade of experience in professional Track and Field Coaching; a true believer in analysis and data-based training. His passion for Athletics took him through a long journey across the globe, from China to the United States of America passing through the Middle East to finally settle down in wonderful Spain.

The track gave him a solid path to follow and mature onto, as an athlete as well as a person. Upon his retirement from professional Track & Field in 2006, Sports showed him how gratifying is to make people better at what they practice, sharing knowledge and field experience. He began his coaching career in 2007 at ASD Atletica Strambino where he coached children from the ages of 4 to 12. Since then it has been a very long way to having the precious possibility to travel and be exposed to the most different training methods and approaches.

An incredible step ahead in his coaching career is represented by the months spent in Phoenix (AZ) USA where he matured full confidence in interacting and coaching world-class athletes. There he has been interning at Altis working side by side with renowned coaches Dan Pfaff, Stuart Mc Millan, and Andreas Behm. At the same time, he had the possibility to be close to world-class athletes such as Andre De Grasse, Aries Merritt, Ameer Webb, Ella Nelson, Queen Harrison, Paul Dedewo, Fernanda Mackenna, Melaine Walker, Schillonie Calvert, Mikel Thomas, and Jamol James to mention a few. Since his return to Europe, he has been mentoring and coaching several athletes at an international level, including Paralympic athletes that showed him a new shade of this amazing Sport.

His academic background gave him confidence in actual coaching thanks to a solid knowledge in the field of PhysiologyBiomechanics, and Sport Psychology that has been finally put into practice in his job experiences. The testing laboratories where he has been working made him confident in metabolic assessment with the most different kinds of the population using on daily basis the most advanced apparatus. In Spain, he worked as Lead Coach for the categories SUB16/18 (Sprints, Jumps, and Throws) at A.D. Marathon and Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Global Agent Tennis Academy in Madrid.

Nowadays he is totally committed to Scirocco TF and the coaching community built in the last years and offering mentorship and counseling services to several international-level athletes.

NSCA CSCS® – ID 7248051668
EREPs EQF4 – REPs L.3 CPT – ID 37904
REPs UAE L.3(a) CPT – ID REPS6508
Functional TrainingTM Certified Coach

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