Alessandro Vigo

I embrace the role of an enthusiastic contributor to shaping the next wave of successful athletes. My approach involves a constant eagerness to glean insights from each unique individual, all while sharing the intriguing aspects of my own journey. After all, in this dynamic exchange of experiences, knowledge, and passion, we collectively foster growth because #SharingIsCaring.


Alessandro Vigo

Team Director [ITA]

With 15+ World appearances and 3 medals earned among Olympic and Paralympic athletes, as well as 20+ International appearances across Asia and Europe resulting in 5+ medals, his career boasts 80+ National appearances and a total of 25+ medals. Along this path, he served as an assistant to the coach of a World Record holder and various Olympic and World medalists. What truly fills him with pride in his coaching career is the achievement of 120+ Personal Bests – yes, numbers are his passion.

Born in 1985, Alessandro Vigo is an Italian Strength and Conditioning Professional specializing in Metabolic Assessment and Performance Analysis. With over a decade of experience in professional Track and Field Coaching, he is a firm believer in analysis and data-based training without losing the human perspective. His passion for Athletics led him on a global journey, from China to the United States, through the Middle East, finally settling in beautiful Spain.

The track provided a solid foundation for his personal and professional growth. Following his retirement from professional Track & Field in 2006, his involvement in sports revealed the gratification of helping individuals improve their practice through knowledge and field experience. Starting his coaching career in 2007 at ASD Atletica Strambino, where he coached children aged 4 to 12, set the stage for an extensive exploration of diverse training methods and approaches.

A significant step in his coaching career was the time spent in Phoenix (AZ), USA, where he gained confidence in interacting and coaching world-class athletes during his internship at Altis. Working alongside renowned coaches Dan Pfaff, Stuart McMillan, and Andreas Behm, he had the privilege of being close to exceptional athletes like Andre De Grasse, Aries Merritt, Ameer Webb, Ella Nelson, Queen Harrison, Paul Dedewo, Fernanda Mackenna, Melaine Walker, Schillonie Calvert, Mikel Thomas, and Jamol James, to name a few. Since returning to Europe, he’s mentored and coached several athletes at an international level, including Paralympic athletes who introduced him to new dimensions of this amazing sport.

His academic background in Physiology, Biomechanics, and Sport Psychology has given him the confidence to apply theoretical knowledge in practical coaching experiences. Working in testing laboratories has honed his skills in metabolic assessment with diverse populations, using state-of-the-art equipment daily. In Spain, he served as the Lead Coach for the SUB16/18 categories (Sprints, Jumps, and Throws) at A.D. Marathon and as the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Global Agent Tennis Academy in Madrid.

Today, Alessandro Vigo’s complete dedication lies with Scirocco TF and the coaching community they’ve built over the years. He offers mentorship and counseling services to several international-level athletes, continuing his commitment to their growth.

Currently, he has embarked on a new journey in Psychology, acknowledging the profound impact this discipline holds not only in the art of coaching but also in guiding each athlete towards their optimal version.

  • NSCA CSCS® – ID 7248051668
  • EREPs EQF4 – REPs L.3 CPT – ID 37904
  • REPs UAE L.3(a) CPT – ID REPS6508
  • Functional TrainingTM Certified Coach
  • DAN BLS-D CPR&AED – ID 566674

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