Build your success. Is Mental Coaching that relevant?

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Build your success: Challenge your mind and your soul besides your body to pursuit your best goals.

Have you ever tried to work hard for months and burn out your race because you did not prepare it at all from a mental point of view? Even if an athlete is perfectly conscious that training his body is key to facing challenges and achieves goals, only a few of them pay attention to mental training.

A well-trained body always responds to your mind, but if your mind is unprepared, it could be very tricky because it can influence negatively your performance, increasing injury risks and compromising the pursuit of your goals. To train your mind you need specific and constant work, but with the right time, anyone can build a strong mindset enjoying a well psychophysical balance.

The Mental Coach Mission

Sometimes life could be very hard, especially if you are involved in many engagements. I tried to include professional sport within university life and a full-time job and I can certainly say that I worked hard on mental training and motivation to get a mindset and achieve my goals.

Thanks to a cultural exchange experience in the US, I had the opportunity to live in the American Society and I noticed how they approach sport and how much time they spend on mental training comparing to other societies in which the latter is often considered unnecessary. Perceiving this gap, I decided to attend a professional course to study Mental Coaching. Nowadays I am a professional coach certified by International Coaching Federation (ICF), the biggest professional coaching federation with more than 80.000 active members in more than 130 Countries.

My Mission is to help people to learn how to find out their life’s purpose and build extraordinary successful mental health and great physical well-being, to unlock their potential to maximize. In this article my goal is:

  1. To get you consciously inspired about how much important is to set goals besides building a strong psychophysical balance;
  2. Reveal to you an extraordinary opportunity to start to master your mind through a mental coaching program together.

1. Who is it for?

Mental Coaching is a strategic path of trust and alliance between the athlete and the coach. Perfectly thought for anyone who wants to achieve a higher level of performance, learning and satisfaction.

Any athlete can start a Mental Coaching program for several reasons: face a new challenge, an opportunity, a postponed and urgent goal, fill an awareness or an inner confidence gap of its resources and values, face hard work with tight deadlines, desire to get goals faster, manage personal and professional failure, besides to manage relations, develop a clear vision to follow important choices, manage success if it is problematic, find a work-life balance, identify your potential to maximize etc…

One of the biggest priorities of Mental Coaching is therefore to understand what exactly is a goal and how smartly set it, besides learning how to set a specific mindset to achieve these at the right time. We can define “smart goal” as any goal which is specific, measurable, action-oriented, realistic, timed, ecologic, written in a positive form involving the sensory system.

In addition, to learn how to work on priorities, Mental Coaching allows you to consciously develop your focus and recognise your values and limits so that you can remember past moments in which these, have been overcome and find out a useful and replicable method for the future. It is also possible to understand how to correctly direct your energy identifying potential conditioning, generalisations, distortions, self-sabotage, delusions of perfectionism and fears of failure that too often are big obstacles to overcome.

Coaching is therefore a guarantee to build a strong psychophysical balance.

2. The Coach

A Coach is a person able to actively listen to the athlete using all its five senses, catching emotions, body language and the environment around.
He can combine Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Coaching skills, asking important questions that can trigger into the athlete an inner cognitive process focused to discover useful lessons, actions and skills to improve his performances and in general the quality of his life.

One of the biggest Coach’s priorities is therefore to build a strong relationship of trust with the athlete, creating a strategic and mandatory alliance to pursue a successful journey. It is therefore a responsibility of the Coach to analyze which areas of the athleteslife require attention and which are in harmony, supporting him in the correct identification of his goals.

Coaching Program structure

A Mental Coaching program is divided into 3 steps:

  • A 2 hours Intake Session, the very first occasion for the coach and the athlete to know each other and understand if they can work together. This is the best moment to establish a good relationship of trust, alliance and credibility and also, to examine which specific goals the athlete would like to achieve.
  • Afterwards, the second step is formally called Ongoing Session, lasting a maximum of 1 hour. These sessions are the heart of the journey.
  • Finally, the last step is called Final Session, which is aimed at analyzing where we started from and where we arrived, to celebrate the achievements and offer to the athlete the possibility to treasure the new lessons acquired for the future challenges to face.


The Mental Coaching Program is completely tailored to professional and personal athletes’ goals, balancing and coordinating a physiological work compatible with his body training. This activity will be therefore oriented towards the construction of robust psychology and the achievement of a strong psychophysical balance.

3. Benefits

Through the Mental Coaching Program, the athlete has the opportunity to know his values and be more aware and more confident of his values and resources. The athlete will begin to take his life in hand, getting in touch with his emotions and listening to his needs. He will be able to exploit his enormous potential using his internal resources and he will be able to clarify and find greater serenity to improve his interpersonal skills and prioritize his goals.

Paying attention to Mental training allows an athlete to face new challenges and opportunities that will help him to stop postponing his goals and ambitions as well as no longer be afraid of failure. And in all of this, he will be amazed to see how easy it will be to achieve his goals.


This path is guaranteed by professionalism and the ICF code of ethics and it is also suitable for those who have never been familiar with Mental Coaching. It is designed with a long term horizon, useful for the entire season/career of the athlete. You can conveniently use the service online via call and video call, wherever you train and live.

What did you learn today?

Many athletes pay attention only to train their body, ignoring how much mental training can make a big difference on sports performance as well as on the quality of personal life. Establishing a great relationship of trust between the coach and the athlete, a Mental Coaching program can support anyone willing to improve its present and its future.

4. Call to action

If you are now interested and you want to start a Mental Coaching path together, I am available for any clarification. How can you get started? Take an action and contact me.

Life is a journey that takes many directions, but you always decide the itinerant path.
Let’s start this journey together.

Gianpaolo Caprino
🧠ICF Coach & 🔵 LUXX Profile Master 🔴

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