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Cos’è il Luxx Profile Test?

Il test LUXX Profile è una valutazione psicologica della personalità (standardizzata) effettuata online. Fornisce informazioni sui bisogni di una persona attraverso lo screening dei 16 fattori motivazionali primari.

Freelap for Scirocco TF

I am glad to announce that thanks to @sportissimo_it all the activity at Scirocco TF, starting from ‘Train in Spain: 2021 Summer Camp’ in Andalusia [26/AUG/2021 to 29/AUG/2021] will be clocked using @freelapglobal Technology.

Costruisci il tuo successo. Il Mental Coaching è cosí importante?

Ti è mai capitato di allenarti duramente per mesi, per poi arrivare ad una gara completamente impreparato dal punto di vista mentale?
Seppur ogni atleta è consapevole che allenare il proprio corpo è un requisito indispensabile per affrontare sfide e raggiungere obiettivi sportivi, solo pochi di essi dedicano attenzione all’allenamento mentale.

What is the LUXXprofile Test?

The LUXXprofile Test is an online standardized psychological assessment. It provides information about the needs of a person by screening the primary motivational factors. It allows understanding someone’s behaviour in a deeper way, helping to achieve effective awareness of oneself and others.

Long Term Vision (w/ Vladimir Aceti’s help)

Back to yesterday’s post, I was not living the easiest days in USA. The ones who worked over there know the pressure is unbelievable, either you deliver or you are out. My professional life was going up to the stars, my personal life going lost.


The Coach is not always right

When Abel Jordan Jul introduced himself to me approximately three years ago, he wasn’t that sure of what was going to happen. He was actually a bit lost.⁠

Fighting with a body that wanted to grow too fast, without letting him understand how to handle longer legs, longer arms, wider shoulders…

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