Freelap for Scirocco TF

I am glad to announce that thanks to @sportissimo_it all the activity at Scirocco TF, starting from ‘Train in Spain: 2021 Summer Camp’ in Andalusia [26/AUG/2021 to 29/AUG/2021] will be clocked using @freelapglobal Technology.

The new FxChip BLE

Receiving sincere support from market leader suppliers like Sportissimo makes me feel proud and motivate me in doing even greater in the future. Join the team to train in great conditions supported by the use of the latest technology. Thanks to Freelap we won’t lose a single second. More correctly, a cent of a second.

If interested, please contact @sportissimo_it. With the code 21SPVIGO5 you will have a 5% discount on all @freelap products.

Try our online programs for free or visit us at Scirocco TF, in southern Spain. Visit https://sciroccotf.world/ or click the LINK in BIO, to know more.

The future is bright,


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