Horizontal resistance training at Scirocco TF

The power of innovation

At Scirocco TF we make the best with what we have. We recognize and know the possibilities that the clever use of technology can give to the training process, so we give careful consideration to choosing solutions to get the job done.

Alessandro Vigo and Jani Ratia setting up the horizontal resistance machine
Alessandro Vigo and Jani Ratia Setting Up the Resistance Machine.

Some of the most exotic and expensive training and testing equipment might fall into a category of ‘would be nice to have’ but we keep in mind what we truly need. We trust in our ability to create and innovate to create what we need and use what we already have to measure and develop technical and physical improvements to support our work in helping athletes achieve their dreams.

When we need to use our equipment to reach the goals of the session, we can take our resistance machines to wherever needed; indoors or outdoors, rain or shine, track or grass.

Versatility as a STARTING point

Depending on the goals of the session, exercise or a repetition, we can adjust the level of the resistance as needed, even within the same repetition.

Alessandro Vigo and Jani Ratia setting up the machine
Alessandro Vigo and Jani Ratia setting up things for the session. Scirocco TF

Due to the flexibility of our resistance machines, we can use them in technical preparation in runs with or without wickets or hurdles, or for example in long jump and triple jump.

Importantly, as we are also friends with the facility owners, there will be no damage to the surfaces.

Come and train with us and take advantage of our great training equipment; the future is resistance, the future is bright.

Scirocco TF in action with the resistance machines
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