Luca Tassani: Inspiring 2023 Euro Medalist

In the vibrant heart of Scirocco TF, extraordinary tales of triumph emerge. Today, we are thrilled to bring you closer to one such story, that of Luca Tassani, a master athlete who made his international debut at the 2023 European Masters Championships in Pescara.

With his dedication and passion for athletics, Luca clinched the bronze medal in the 200 meters, silver in the 4×100 relay, and secured a spot in the 100 meters final, proving that determination transcends all limits. But behind every victory lies a profound narrative of resilience and commitment that we want to share with you.

1. How did you get into athletics, and what drove you to embark on this new journey?

It all happened ten years ago when, at the age of fifty, I decided to step away from futsal. Watching my daughter Daniela’s training sessions and competitions, I developed a passion for athletics. Speed, especially in the 200 meters, fascinated me. My first race was on September 12, 2013, in Soncino (CR) at the Mennea Day, on an asphalt track, wearing regular shoes and starting from blocks, something I had never tried before. The encouraging time of 28.25 seconds came despite the lack of specific training. The following year, I joined official competitions.

Why did I embark on this new journey? Because I can’t live without sports. Running, sweating, detaching from work, exerting effort, having fun, learning, teaching, sharing – all these aspects make me feel good. I resonate with Adidas‘ slogan, which I believe suits me well:

“Sport is not just the game I play. Sport is who I am. What I am, why I am. It’s every second on the clock, every moment I live – Gameday or any day.”

The Italian 4x100 M60, G. D'Oro, G. Morelli, M. Ceola, L. Tassani.
The Italian 4×100 M60, G. D’Oro, G. Morelli, M. Ceola, L. Tassani.

2. What were your thoughts and emotions during your first international experience at the European Masters Championships?

I always feel tension before a race, starting from the days leading up to it. I managed to arrive in Pescara the day before the 100 meters heats. Following the coach’s advice, the first thing I did was a short workout, not only to test the track but also to immerse myself in the atmosphere of the championships. Here, I experienced my first strong emotion: the flags, athletes from other nations, an atmosphere I was directly part of for the first time, not as a spectator.

This European championship also helped me overcome my reluctance to compete frequently. The first day was the 100 meters heats, the next day the semifinals and final. The day after that, the 200 meters heats, and on the fourth day, the semifinals and final.

The first joy was winning the 100 meters heat and qualifying for the semifinals. The 100 meters were meant to break the ice, but I managed to advance to the final (seventh place) in a race that isn’t exactly my specialty. I felt much more comfortable on the 200 meters, with well-controlled heats and semifinals experienced with pleasure and awareness.

I was fairly calm during the final. Knowing that two athletes were ahead of the rest, I could compete for third place. I held on until the end, managing to stay ahead of the fourth by a tenth of a second. It was tough, but it was normal for it to be so.

The second emotion, and the strongest one, was the medal ceremony for the 200 meters. The satisfaction of the result merged with the experience of almost continuous training for twelve months. Beautiful.

3. Can you share some challenges you faced in balancing your family life, work, and training? How did you overcome them?

There are many commitments, and it’s not easy to juggle them all. Work demands a lot of my time, and at times, I had to reduce training loads (in agreement with the coach) because I couldn’t sustain them due to fatigue. But in a year, I missed only one training session due to extreme weather conditions since normally, neither heat, cold, rain, snow, nor wind stopped me.

I took some time from my family because I train at least twice a week after 7 PM, coming home late. On the other hand, I share this passion with my daughters, who are often in the track with me.

To answer concretely, I plan all activities meticulously and optimize the available time to the maximum. It’s a game of fitting pieces together, and I repeat, planning is the key.

Luca Tassani with the other European finalists.
Luca Tassani with the other European finalists.

4. What does it mean for you to be part of Scirocco TF, and how has the team’s support influenced your growth as an athlete?

I met Alessandro Vigo before Scirocco TF and before he became my coach. Initially, there was a video analysis with some advice to improve my running technique. An essential step for my growth was learning drills and various mobility exercises to properly structure the warm-up, which typically takes 45 minutes and is crucial for me.

Of course, there’s the running part, and another significant aspect is the introduction of strength training, which I had never seriously developed.

Apart from these crucial aspects, I find Scirocco TF to be a philosophy not only of training but also of life. The technical aspect is well taken care of, but not only that – there’s the medical side, nutrition, and athlete psychology. With Scirocco TF, I found what I was looking for in sports.

5. What are your future goals in athletics, and how do you think this international experience has prepared you for the future?

It was the first time I participated in an international competition, and besides the excitement, it was very nice to meet athletes from other nations with whom I have formed relationships and whom I hope to see again soon.

The goal is always to challenge myself and try to improve. As a master, it’s not easy because, of course, age catches up, although this year we achieved the satisfaction of setting a double personal best in the indoor 200 meters. So, we try to improve running technique and efficiency and increase speed endurance to be more competitive in the 200 meters.

And, of course, to continue having fun.

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Luca Tassani’s journey stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of athletics. His dedication, resilience, and support of Scirocco TF have propelled him to new heights, culminating in his remarkable achievements at the 2023 European Masters Championships.

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