Jani Ratia

Sprint & Hurdles Coach

Nationality: Finnish
Location: Turku, Finland
Events: Hurdles

Jani Ratia (1974) is a professional coach, originally from Finland, specialized in sprints and hurdles, horizontal jumps and physical preparation with world elite experience.

Besides his official academic background (Instituto Superior de Cultura Física Manuel Fajardo – CUB, University of Jyväskylä – FIN) he has been fortunate to grow roots for self-development and professional growth as having had the privilege to learn from and to be mentored by the highest levels of teachers in the fields of coaching, sports research and sports therapy have nurtured Jani’s ever-growing spirit of explorer and innovator.

Ever grateful for all the ultimate teachers, the athletes, he has been able to gain experiences in sports at different levels; professional, national team and national junior team, academy, club, school and community levels. Learning in the stadiums, Universities, schools, tracks, fields, courts, gyms or forests In Canada, Cuba, Finland, Grenada, Mexico, South Africa and the United States, interacting with sports enthusiasts ranging from children from 6 years up, through all ages and walks of life, up till 70+ years, has been enriched with a colourful mixture of the cultures of the participants.

While athletics and especially sprints hurdles are his main passion, he’s also been working in individual and team settings with professional athletes in football, baseball, volleyball and squash and at a lower level in football, ice hockey and floorball.

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