Long Term Vision (w/ Vladimir Aceti’s help)

[LONG TERM VISION] I was not living the easiest days in USA. The ones who worked over there know the pressure is unbelievable, either you deliver or you are out. My professional life was going up to the stars, my personal life going lost. And, the second one always takes the lead. You have to know that.

I was keeping myself motivated with this mantra: “In 2020 I’ll be taking someone to Tokyo. In 2020 I’ll be taking someone to Tokyo. In 2020…”. That was my long term vision.

Vladimir Aceti – Contacts progression 20JAN21-19MAY21

Unfortunately, I am not taking any athlete to Tokyo. My plans changed, five years ago I was not thinking of being here running an international online-based Track&Field team, working surrounded by incredibly motivating people with a common vision. My long term vision was not that accurate.

Anyway I had the precious chance to help few athletes along their road to Tokyo, and this is already enough to make me feel good at what I do.

Probably this is the most relevant case, made possibile by the wide/wise view of head coach Alessandro Simonelli, performance therapist Luca Braghetto and strength coach Marco Orsenigo of Ultra Strength who called me in to work on this acceleration pattern.

Thoughts, analysis, trials and errors. But we delivered. Here is a short video resuming months of work of a case I’ll be taking with me back to Spain with a bit of tenderness and love.

Thanks @vladimiraceti for the amazing time spent together. All the best for you Olympic experience. Give your best, enjoy every single minute.

Your future is bright, Vladi.

Make this your long term vision and thanks to make me living a little part of it.

Go strong,

Contacts progression
(20/JAN/21 -> 19/MAY/21):

I) 0,38m -> 0,59m
II) 1,29m -> 1,72m
III) 2,27m -> 3,19m
IV) 3,49m -> 4,73m
V) 4,73m -> 6,36m
VI) 6,19m -> 8,24m
VII) 7,64m -> 10,04m
-0.21” @ 10m


Cover photo by Giancarlo Colombo: @photocolombo

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