Luca Braghetto

Performance Therapist

Nationality: Italian
Location: Milan, Italy
Speciality: Short Sprints, Performance Therapy

Born in 1994, after scientific high school he pursued the Bachelor in Osteopathic Medicine at Plymouth University.

Since 2013 he is an athletics coach (sprints, obstacles and horizontal jumps). In 2017 he started as a Performance Therapist of an Elité training group of the Italian Athletics National team.

Passionate about sports prevention and recovery, he attended the courses of Carl Todd (Osteopath and Sports Physician first Therapist of the English national football team and Chelsea FC since 2008), of Manoj Mehta (Osteopathic Sports Care Association) and Tom Hewetson (England Rugby Team and Wasps London RFC., Central Medical Team at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games).

He collaborates with dentists treating temporomandibular and respiratory problems and the derivate influence on posture and performance.

Passionate about breathing, he studies the best techniques to maximize recovery and performance among yoga masters, freedivers and doctors.

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