Marco Orsenigo

Strength Coach

Nationality: Italian
Location: Milan, Italy
Speciality: Strength

Marco Orsenigo is part of the Ultra Strength collective. He is a strength professional based in Milan, working with a group of international level athletes.

Since the beginning, Marco has been in love with the world of sport and the science that governs this world. His curiosity and the desire to better discover the art of coaching led him to take this path as a kid, especially in the world of artistic gymnastics.

His passion for sport has accompanied him also on school desks. Firstly at the scientific high school with a sports address. Later, at the Statale di Milano, where he obtained a degree in Motor Sciences with a thesis on strength training in athletic training.

Even before finishing his university career, he participated in some external training courses. An experience that certainly gave a strong imprint to his way of working was that made at the Olympic Athletics Center in Havana, Cuba, where he was able to work in close contact with some of the greatest experts in the world of athletics.

He is part of the Ultra Strength collective, working with a group of international level athletes including Vladimir Aceti and his team. Vladimir presence at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics certainly represents a great achievement in Marco’s career, much more will come.

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