Mauro Trivellato

Multi-Event & Jumps Coach

Nationality: Italian
Location: Latina, Italy
Events: Jumps in Extension

Mauro Trivellato, born in 1991, is an Osteopath Kinesiologist who has always been in love with Athletics thanks to the family tradition involved in this world for generations before him.

Mauro graduated from the University Foro Italico in Rome with a thesis on Recovery Following High-intensity Events, a very important theme to him. He has always seen recovery, and consequent optimal health status, as the key to a solid training plan.

He continued his studies by graduating in Osteopathy, which allowed him to reconsider Athletics with a new 360º view under and a holistic perspective.

He is a certified Athletics National Coach with more than a decade of training experience. His first athlete was him, a great learning experience for Mauro. This helped him developing deep capability in communicating clearly with athletes and colleagues.

For the last 4 years, he has been taking care of the physical preparation of young tennis players in the Rome area. On the track, he follows athletes from the U16 to the Master category. Mauro mainly works with jumpers, hurdlers and multi-events athletes.

His philosophy:
Teach the most complex gesture in the simplest way possible.

It is the time: Power ON

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