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The Online Coaching Service

Transform Your Performance with Scirocco TF Online Coaching.

Embark on a transformative journey with Scirocco TF’s world-class online coaching service. Our expert team is dedicated to enhancing your daily training regimen, meticulously crafting dynamic track and strength sessions tailored to your goals.

With over a decade of professional experience, our program is forged from the wisdom of Olympic medal-winning coaches spanning three continents: Europe, Asia, and America.

By honing in on the nuances of sprinting biomechanics, we work to optimize your technique for maximum speed and power. Elevate your athletic prowess with Scirocco TF Online Coaching – where personalized guidance meets unparalleled expertise.

How the service work

Explore tailored training paths with Scirocco TF Online Coaching.

Wondering how our service works?

When you sign up for our Online Coaching services, a dedicated coach will promptly reach out to assess your current skill level and collaborate with you to kickstart your training journey. Our program operates on a monthly basis, offering five intensive training sessions per week, combining both track and strength workouts.

We offer two distinctive options to cater to your training needs:

  • Scirocco TF One-to-One
  • Scirocco TF ProCoach

Scirocco TF One-to-One

Our expert coaches provide daily individualized guidance, tailoring every aspect of your training regimen to elevate your performance. With a focus on your unique goals, strengths, and areas for improvement, our coaches work closely with you, ensuring a customized approach. With daily one-on-one interactions, your coach will provide continuous guidance, monitor your progress, and adjust your training plan on a weekly basis.

Scirocco TF ProCoach

Designed for athletes seeking expert guidance on a broader scale, ProCoach offers a comprehensive training plan crafted by our seasoned coaches. Benefit from professionally curated workout routines, valuable insights, and performance-enhancing strategies tailored for a diverse audience. Embrace a structured training framework while enjoying its flexibility, catering to athletes of various levels and backgrounds.

Choose the level that suits you best and elevate your performance with Scirocco TF Online Coaching.

How you receive the program

Our training plans operate seamlessly through Final Surge, streamlining the exchange of information between athletes and coaches. Athletes input training results and personal notes (timings, weights lifted, RPE, mood, etc.) into the app, allowing coaches to review the data comprehensively. Based on this information, coaches provide tailored recommendations and schedules, aiming to enhance the athlete’s performance.

Furthermore, we integrate advanced Polar and Garmin technologies to generate detailed training reports, offering a comprehensive session evaluation and pinpointing areas for improvement.

Age, Entry Level and Events

From what age

The program is recommended for athletes starting from 18 years old or for those who have already reached a level of athletic maturity that allows them to safely and independently follow a training program. It is suitable for both male and female athletes. In the case of young athletes who are interested, we always suggest a small familiarization camp in our headquarters. This allows us to assess both the physical and technical development levels of the young athlete on the track.

Up to what age

The program has also assisted master athletes over 60, so we can confidently state that there are no age limits. Scirocco TF is not responsible for the medical condition of athletes following the program, so having an excellent level of health, verified by medical examinations as required by the regulations of the athletics federation to which the athlete belongs, is essential. If you are a master athlete and would like more information, please email us at hello@sciroccotf.world.

Entry Level

One of Scirocco TF’s fundamental goals is to bring professional athletics to all levels, so we do not have a specific entry standard. The program will be entirely personalized based on your best performance, whatever it may be, ensuring a tailored planning approach. You will be asked to provide your best time in the 100m, regardless of your specific discipline. Don’t worry if you have never competed or don’t have a recent time in the 100m; a training value will be sufficient to establish the initial training cycles.


At this moment, online coaching in all its forms is exclusively open to sprinters, with two main groups:

  • Short Sprints (100m and 200m)
  • Long Sprints (400m)

These groups are not rigid, so we will listen to the needs of each athlete, whether they aim to prepare for all three sprinting distances or focus primarily on 200m and 400m to achieve the best results.

Differences Between the Services

The two services, ProCoach and 1-to-1, offer personalized training experiences, but they differ in the level of customization and interaction with the coach.

Scirocco TF ProCoach

With the ProCoach service, you’ll have a shared training experience with other athletes in the group. The program is customized based on the required times for each event, but the distances and progressions of the sets are standardized for everyone in the group. The program is shared on a common dashboard, with each athlete having a personalized time goal. Athletes can interact through a group chat to exchange feelings, comments, and opinions on session results.

Scirocco TF One-to-One

With the One-to-One program, you’ll experience highly personalized coaching. You’ll have direct daily contact with your coach from Monday to Friday. The coach will read your personal feedback, analyze session data, and discuss their insights through Final Surge’s internal chat. The program will be continually adapted based on your specific needs, as the coach gets to know you better over time. This service is limited to only 5 athletes to ensure high individual attention. The 1-to-1 program follows the same methodological principles as the ProCoach program but is further tailored over time based on your specific requirements.

Price Differences

The price difference reflects the level of personal interaction and service customization. The One-to-One service offers daily chat contact from Monday to Friday and a more specific adaptation, requiring a higher commitment from the coach. While the ProCoach service is highly customized, it offers a group dynamic, allowing for a more affordable cost.



Previous Athletes’ Experiences

What do our athletes say? Discover their extraordinary experiences and read authentic testimonials from those who have achieved remarkable results with Scirocco TF’s support.


I would like to express my gratitude to Scirocco TF for providing me with the chance to train alongside seasoned professionals and for reigniting the passion for my sport that had been dormant for far too long. Scirocco TF, thank you for propelling me closer to the realm of elite athletes within just 12 months. It has been a period of profound transformation and transition. What an incredible year!



Scirocco TF coaches are incredibly precise and always chooses the right words to guide me. They have a deep understanding of my training approach and knows exactly how to address my specific needs. We’re putting in the hard work, and I can sense the progress tailored just for me. Being a part of this team makes me incredibly happy. I never feel alone in this journey.



I joined Scirocco TF during their inaugural training camp in Spain, marking the beginning of my training journey with them. They have truly transformed my life, and after two years of dedicated training, I achieved a new personal best. I’m thrilled about the upcoming season, filled with new plans and exciting prospects!


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