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Online Track and Field Coaching

The Online Coaching Service

The Scirocco TF coaching team offers an online coaching service for athletes to help with their daily training routine. The main focus is the development of functional track and strength sessions. A lot of attention is given to the biomechanical patterns involved in sprinting and hurdling.

It is based on more than a decade of experience in professional training and the influence of multiple Olympic medal-winning coaches during the last decade across Europe, Asia and America.

How THE service Works

Sign up for a Track and Strength Monthly Plan and a coach will contact you to evaluate your current level and work with you to start your training plan. The program runs on a monthly basis and includes 6 training sessions per week including track and strength workouts.

The Application

Training plans are run via Final Surge to simplify the exchange of information between athlete and coach. The athlete records training results and personal notes (timings, weights lifted, RPE, mood, etc) into the app and a coach will review this information and make recommendations and a schedule to improve the athlete’s performance.

Additional Polar and Garmin technologies can be used for improved training reports with a more in-depth evaluation of each session and improvements.

The CoachES

Alessandro Vigo (ITA)

Alessandro Vigo (1985) is an Italian Strength and Conditioning Professional specializing in Metabolic Assessment and Performance Analysis with more than a decade of experience in professional Track and Field Coaching. The passion for Athletics took him on a long journey across the globe, from China to the United States of America passing through the Middle East to finally settle down in wonderful Spain. […]

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Jani ratia (FIN)

Besides his official academic background (Instituto Superior de Cultura Física Manuel Fajardo – CUB, University of Jyväskylä – FIN), Jani has had the privilege to learn from and to be mentored by the highest level of professionals in the fields of coaching, sports research and sports therapy. Together they have nurtured Jani’s ever-growing spirit of exploration and innovation. […]

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Roberto Severi (ITA)

Born and raised in Milan, Roberto embodied the student-athlete for more than a decade, getting a degree in Natural Sciences, a Master in Evolutionary Biology, Uni National titles and 3 Italian national appearances.  […]

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Previous ATHLETEs Experiences


I would like to thank Scirocco for giving me the opportunity to train as a professional with the professionals, and for feeding the hunger that I had accumulated for too long. Scirocco TF, thank you for taking me closer to the world of the elite in just 12 months. A time of great change and transition. A fantastic year!



Alessandro is very precise and always able to use the right words for me, able to understand how I am working and especially how to correct what I need. We are working hard, and I feel it in the right way, made for me. I am super happy to be part of this team. I never feel alone.



I started with coach Alessandro at his first training camp in Spain back in 2019, the first time I trained with him. He changed my life and after two years I did a new PB with him. I’m excited about the new season starting, with new plans ahead!


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119/ month
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109/ month
  • Training Plan
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6 Months

99/ month
  • Training Plan
  • Daily Interaction
  • 10% OFF on Camps and Workshops

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Scirocco TF offers a full range of Track and Field training services, including video analysis and in-person training camps in the south of Spain.

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