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The Strength for Racket Sports plan is designed to complement the technical work done in the court along the week with highly specific strength plans and metabolic protocols that aim athlete’s power, endurance and stamina; three fundamental aspects of all racket sports. It suits the need of all asymmetrical racket sports like Tennis, Padel, Table Tennis and Badminton.

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Additional information:
Speed, strength, agility, core work and self-myofascial release are the five ingredients used to craft this program destined to all-level players. Injury prevention plays a big role in the plan, all sessions include specific protocols to get better mobility and stability at all joints. The plan includes 3 strength sessions per week.

Program duration:
The program duration is 4 weeks.

Program delivery and methods:
Programs will be shared confidentially through Final Surge for easy editing and fluent exchange of information in between athlete and coach. The athlete is required to fill in the program with training results and personal notes (timings, weights lifted, RPE, mood, etc.)

Additional monitoring:
Thanks to Polar technologies and Polar Flow platform highly detailed training report can be additionally shared to have a more in-depth valuation of the load for each session and improvements along with the program. It is necessary to possess a Polar sensor and activate a Polar Flow account. Here is an example of a training report.

Training programs are highly personal. Sharing and reselling to third parties is strictly prohibited.

Feel free to email any additional question to hello@alessandrovigo.com.


3 reviews for Strength for Racket Sports

  1. Skar Revilla

    It’s always great when Alessandro comes to train us all. He always puts his attention and passion toward us to help us achieve the best. Alessandro is a great coach, and I highly recommend it to train with him!

    • Alessandro Vigo

      Thank you, Skar! As a coach, I can tell it is a great pleasure to work with such a skilled and dedicated athlete like you are. Keep working hard my man!

  2. Fernando Martín

    Desde que empecé a trabajar con Alessandro he reducido mucho mi número de lesiones, además de recuperar mi problema en la espalda y he conseguido mucha más movilidad y fuerza que me ha ayudado en gran medida a potenciar mis entrenamientos. Es un entrenador excelente.

    • Alessandro Vigo

      Gracias por el comentario Fer, siento una gran satisfacción al pensar en todo el trabajo realizado juntos. Desde el diagnóstico de espondilosis hasta la victoria del doble con John en el campeonato de Madrid… todo pasando por muchisimos kilogramos de peso muerto. A seguir trabajando campeón!

  3. John Echeverria

    Antes de empezar a trabajar con Alessandro, tenía muchas lesiones y era fisicamente débil, ya que no trabajaba las zonas exactas. Desde que empecé a entrenar con él, mis lesiones se han reducido y mi fuerza en la pista de tenis ha incrementado mucho. También, cuando entrenamos con él se crea un ambiente muy sano entre los jugadores. Sin duda la mejor opción de preparador físico y de persona.

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