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The video analysis service offers invaluable insights for coaches and athletes seeking expert opinions on specific program aspects or sports techniques.

Our focus includes in-depth analysis and biomechanical evaluations covering running techniques, hurdling, drills, Olympic weightlifting, and strength exercises. Preview samples are accessible at https://sciroccotf.world/track-field-video-analysis/.

Analysis reports are available in Italian, English, and Spanish.

Follow these steps for your video analysis:

1) Complete payment.
2) Send the video via WeTransfer to hello@sciroccotf.world, including your Order Number from the confirmation email.
3) Clearly specify the aspect to be analyzed.
4) Analysis duration: 1-5 working days.
5) Receive the analysis via a private YouTube link.

Previous Analysis:

Here are some examples of previous analyses to show the results you can expect from this service.


Your analysis arrives via a confidential YouTube link, ensuring smooth, secure information exchange without large file transfers.

Confidentiality Note:

Your Video Analysis is strictly personal; sharing or resale to third parties is prohibited.

5 reviews for Video Analysis

  1. Marco Martinelli

    Alessandro’s service is beautiful and incredibly valuable. Precise, comprehensive, detailed, and purposeful. Alessandro is a highly competent, knowledgeable, and attentive coach. I highly recommend his consultancy.

    • alessandrovigo

      Thank you, Marco! I truly hope your athletes benefit from the advice and achieve new personal bests soon!

  2. Elisa Silvestris

    I met Alessandro at a speed training course in Formia. I continued seeking his advice on some issues I faced, including my start. Thanks to his availability and professionalism, he efficiently used video analysis to remotely pinpoint areas for improvement. A highly effective tool – try it to believe it.

    • Alessandro Vigo

      You’re welcome, Elisa! See you soon!

  3. Luca Tassani

    I knew about Alessandro’s experience and expertise, but beyond being a skilled professional, I found a wonderful person. He’s incredibly patient and clear in explanations, even for someone like me with limited running experience. The video analysis was truly thorough and comprehensive. I hope to repeat it in a few months after putting the valuable advice into practice. See you soon!

    • Alessandro Vigo

      Hi Luca, and thank you for your comment. More than anything, I’m glad to be part of the group of wonderful people like you and Carlo. Those individuals who make us appreciate the world of track and sports even more.

      Our meeting was truly unexpected. The experience measured in time, in your case, clashes with a natural quality that can’t be quantified. Work on that splendid throw, and let’s catch up soon for many good things!

      Also, greetings to Daniela!

  4. Silvia Servadei

    In my case, the video analysis session offered by Alessandro was built upon several hours of live training in Strambino. It was a beautiful and extremely beneficial experience. Alessandro provided clear, understandable, and actionable insights with immediate benefits, contributing to a better overall understanding of training. He is highly attentive, professional, and competent. I truly appreciated his care, dedication, and friendliness in his approach to work and communication. I highly recommend his consultancy, suitable for every level and category. Thank you, Alessandro!

    • Alessandro Vigo

      Thank you, Si. Our morning in Strambino was surely one of the most intense of the summer, with almost 3 hours of work under the August sun. But truly managed like a champion. I’m glad the work led us to see good results in training, even if we couldn’t replicate them in the competition, still bringing home a national title in the category.

      But I’m getting to know you better, and I know we won’t have peace until that performance comes out at the right moment, during the planned competition. I’m with you, step by step. Full steam ahead!

  5. Luca Malvassori

    The video analysis service provided was highly beneficial in improving my athlete’s top-speed running technique. Alessandro was incredibly professional and kind in assisting me with this analysis. He was very clear in all explanations, providing detailed insights on how the athlete could enhance running efficiency with the right approach. I am very satisfied with the work done together, and I will surely seek further advice and continue learning. Thank you, and see you soon!

    • Alessandro Vigo

      Hello Luca, and thank you for your comment. It’s always a pleasure to feel helpful in a colleague’s work and progress! See you soon, and thanks again for the trust shown. Regards!

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