Riccardo Delladio: Snowy Mountains To The Tropical Coast

Riccardo Delladio in action.

Hi! My name is Riccardo Delladio, I am a sixteen-year-old from northern Italy who lives in Val di Fiemme, a small valley in Trentino. I decided to spend a month in Andalusia with Scirocco TF, to experience new things and improve as an athlete.


I started doing athletics in the winter of 2015 when a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to do a relay with him because they were lacking a runner. I decided to run it and luckily we won the race, which ignited my passion for this sport. For the first few years I was in athletics I had many different disciplines. However, I slowly left jumping and middle-distance events, to dedicate myself to hurdles and sprints.

After my last few indoor races, I didn’t feel fully satisfied with my performance. I knew I could do better, but I didn’t know what to change. Like an illumination, in that period, numerous advertisements for this project appeared on social networks.

Riccardo Delladio at Scirocco TF.
Riccardo’s focus listening to coach Jani’s advice.


Already knowing some people who had gone to this Camp, I decided to ask Alessandro for information. So I wrote some emails and we decided to organize a video call, to better understand what Scirocco TF truly was. During this chat, I was convinced to go to this camp. So, the following day I started looking for accommodation and a flight to Motril.

It all went by very fast, in fact only a month had passed from the day I wrote my first email to the day I got on the plane.

Jani was very helpful and found accommodation for me in less than a week, he booked me a nice apartment at a good price. So, on March 15 I boarded the plane and started my adventure in Spain.

The Scirocco TF team saying goodbye to Riccardo.
The Scirocco TF team saying goodbye to Riccardo.

Learning and improving

The Camp was incredible. I enjoyed all the training sessions, each of which taught me so much. Jani and Alessandro are two very competent coaches, who have made me aware of my talents. They have helped me to improve my weaknesses. We initially worked a lot on posture and then moved on to all the details while running with and without hurdles.

All the sessions were unforgettable thanks to my training partners. I would like to thank Elisa and Hassane who, in addition to helping me and being like my second coaches, they kept me entertained from the first to the last day.

After this experience, I feel improved both physically and mentally and I’m ready to face this new outdoor season in the best possible way!

Thanks: Alessandro, Jani, Elisa, Hassane, Matteo, Victor, Gabi, Lorenzo, and many others.

See you soon,

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