Roberto Severi

Sprint & Hurdles Coach

Nationality: Italian
Location: Milan, Italy
Events: Long Sprints

Roberto Severi (1989), is a former Italian quarter-miler. Eclectic, tireless and curious, he is a biologist applied to the track.

Born and raised in Milan, Roberto embodied the student-athlete for more than a decade, getting a degree in Natural Sciences, a Master in Evolutionary Biology, some Uni National titles and 3 Italian national appearences. 

The passion for science and sport melt through the years, ranging from nature to the human body, biomechanics, biochemistry, becoming a greater passion: the science of performance. Now he studies and applies on the track with the scientist-approach, always inquiring, curious, looking for useful data and information to evaluate just to enhance his work.

He is a certified Athletics Coach and attended ISCI SSC & SCS.

During the last 4 years, he experienced as coach for sprints, 400m & 800m runners, hurdlers and long jumps, spanning from 16 to 35 years old. Now he is head sprint coach for CUS Milano.

Long story short: He also had a great experience as a sport manager with Athletic Elite, and three years experience as a middle-school professor.

His Coach Philosophy: Training is a semi-controlled experiment. There are hidden stimuli and stressors everywhere. The game is to get aware of them and become stronger.

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