The main goal of the Scirocco TF Internship is to help coaches to grow in an environment where high-performance training is not theoretical but highly practical, hands-on. Daily. During the Scirocco TF Internship, coaches will be provided with practical education in various areas related to high-performance coaching, including:

  • Methodology and systems
  • Program design
  • Periodization and planning
  • Strength and power
  • Acceleration development
  • Event-specific mechanics


  1. Stand-out-of-the-crowd coaching profiles.
    We appreciate continuous learning; theoretical and practical. In addition to your formal education and courses, tell us the way you coach, what excites you daily when entering the track or the gym. Most coaches all have their educational experience in common, show us you are different.
  2. International mentality.
    We are looking for individuals who are capable of being part of a borderless nation, being able to live abroad (if not based in Spain), coach in English, express yourself with all the local partners, get used to the Andalusian lifestyle, and much more.
  3. Strong decision-making skills.
    You are not joining the Scirocco TF Internship to stay seated behind the desk, it is going to be practical from day one. Get ready to deal directly with the athletes and constructively help to find a solution to all daily situations we live on the track or in the gym. You will be a 100% active part of Scirocco TF.
  4. Self confidence.
    The opportunity to work with professional athletes will give you the confidence to apply your teachings once the Internship is finished. But you need to start off from a solid amount of self-confidence, you have to be ready to be an active part of Scirocco TF life.
  5. Transparency.
    No secrets in Scirocco TF, you will have direct access to all programs, data and training information.


The minimum duration of a Scirocco TF Internship is one week and can be extended if the experience is considered positive by the Intern Coach and Scirocco TF.


The cost for one week of the internship is specified on the dedicated product page. The price includes:

  • Full-time Tutoring
  • Track entrance fees
  • Gym entrance fees
  • Coworking office entrance fees

Food and lodging are not included in the price. Scirocco TF can provide special discounts for applicant coaches interested in staying in selected hotels.


If no term is specified, the candidate can propose his/her favorite period during the application process. The period will be evaluated based on availability and the competition schedule.


  • Proficient in English, Spanish is a plus,
  • Relevant experience in the field,
  • Ability to adapt to flexible schedules,
  • Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the subject matter,
  • Interested in learning new models,
  • Committed to the betterment of the organization.


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All the Best!

Submitting this application is the first step for being considered for an internship. Outstanding candidates will move on for a virtual interview to continue the selection process.

We appreciate every applicant, but please understand we have very limited internship slots available.


The future is bright.

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