Semana Santa: a time to Better Ourselves

Asier Martinez at Scirocco TF

Semana Santa- the days leading up to Easter. A time for reflection- where we acknowledge our strengths, and accept our shortcomings. But most importantly after all the reflection, and understanding of the good and the bad, we come back to the world with the goal to be a better person each and every day.

That is exactly what happened over here in Motril along the coast of Granada, where we had track and field athletes from all over Spain, and the world come over for a training camp.

With athletes hailing from Italy, Ukraine, Philippines, along with local Spanish athletes from Murcia, Gandia, Pamplona, etc. All highlighted by the visit of European hurdles champion, and World bronze medalist Asier Martinez.

Semana Santa 2023 en Scirocco TF, Motril – TeleMotril


For any track and field fanatic, this time was an absolute treat. Every single morning, you knew everyone on the track meant business. Javelins seemed like they would never land courtesy of Spanish champion Manu Quijera.

The track was set on fire by some of the top Spanish lappers in Nerea Bermejo, Nacho Saez, and Iker Alfonso. While you couldn’t blink or else you’d miss some of the best hurdlers in Europe Asier Martinez, Hassane Fofana, and Elisa di Lazzaro.

I also assure you your jaw would’ve dropped seeing how far hammer thrower Gema Martinez and discus thrower Angela Ferreira, were launching those implements with ease.

Group photo for all the participants at the Holy Week Training Camp held at Scirocco TF in Motril.

Motril, little heaven.

It was truly heaven for any fan of the sport. And while we are very proud to say we were able to share our stomping grounds and provide for the needs of these world-class athletes to train at a high level.

We are even more humbled by the fact that they chose, and trusted us for this training camp for their 2023 outdoor season. We would like to wish them the best of luck this season and hope to cross paths again soon.

List of the participants:

  • Alberto González Moyano
  • Alejandro Castaño Sánchez
  • Alessandro Vigo
  • Ander Iriarte
  • Andoni Alfonso de Miguel
  • Andrea Arilla
  • Angela Ferreira
  • Arantza Moreno Fernandez
  • Asier Martínez Echarte
  • Elisa di Lazzaro
  • François Beoringyan Beldjoukoulao
  • Gema Martinez
  • Hassane Fofana
  • Idoia Mariezkurrena Fernández
  • Ignacio Saez
  • Iker Alfonso
  • Iratxe Sarasola
  • Jani Ratia
  • Joaquín Moyano González
  • Jon Seriola
  • Jorge Illarramendi
  • Laila Lacuey
  • Laura Martinez
  • Lorenzo Hernandez
  • Luca Tassani
  • Luna Rubio Gómez
  • Manu Quijera Poza
  • Matteo Crisostomo
  • Mikel Ozkoidi
  • Nerea Bermejo
  • Nerea Ibinaga
  • Nicolás Quijera Poza
  • Paola Tassani
  • Riccardo Delladio
  • Teresa Abascal
  • Uxue Erice
  • Victoria Carazo Carrascosa
  • Viktor Solianov

The future is bright,
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