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All training programs are designed with the intent of offering to all interested athletes the possibility of being coached, monitored and followed with extreme care wherever they are settled in the world. Many times I have heard the words: “If you were here I would really like to join your group…”

Well, today is the day, because my training group moves here, on the internet.

Over the last decade, Alessandro gained a solid experience in the field of Online Coaching, remotely following the progress of his athletes whilst moving between Europe, the United States and the Middle East. The technological advancement has undoubtedly helped the facilitation and the flow of information, but the real core is always the most sincere relationship that naturally borns and grows between a coach and the athlete, on the track and in the gym as well as on the net. Maintaining a training diary, video analysis and cardiac monitoring are the three ingredients that allow Alessandro to stay close to all the components of the team, simply using their smartphone.

Ready to join? These are the services available:

  • Online Coaching for Sprint & Hurdles:
    · Elite:6 day/week
    · Pro: 5 day/week
    · Advanced: 4 day/week
    · Basic: 3 day/week
    Online training programs for sprinter and hurdles divided into four subcategories based on the number of training days in the microcycle, ranging from a minimum of 3 (Basic) to a maximum of 6 (Elite).
  • Video Analysis: Video analysis of technically advanced drills and sport-specific gestures during a daily training routine.
  • 1-to-1 SessionPersonal training session on track or in the gym with Alessandro. The session is available in English, Spanish or Italian language. 1-to-1 Sessions might be implemented with video analysis to further analyze details of interest for the athlete.
  • Training CampSolution offered to athletes planning to train in Spain or Italy for a limited amount of time. The Training Camp package offers various solutions based on a 1week-module. Various pricing options are available for groups of 1 to a maximum of 10 athletes*. Please get in contact clicking here if interested in planning a Camp in your area.
  • Strength for Mid and Long DistanceStrength programs designed for Mid and Long Distance Runners in order to get stronger and handle elevated mileage as well as preventing the risk of injuries.
  • Strength for Racket SportsStrength & Conditioning programs designed for Racket Sports like Tennis, Padel, Table Tennis and Badminton in order to develop power, endurance and stamina; three fundamental aspects of these amazing disciplines.

All training programs are limited to a specific number of athletes in order to guarantee the highest quality in the service.

It is the time: Power ON

Browse the programs, choose yours. We go.

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