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The Scirocco TF coaching team offers a video analysis service for coaches and athletes in order to have a deeper understanding of advanced drills and sport-specific gestures during their daily training routine.

The main topics normally are the analysis and biomechanical evaluation of running technique, hurdling, drills, Olympic weightlifting, and strength exercises. 

Video analysis can help identify variations between repetitions and asymmetries, highlights points that need improvement, and can be a very valuable tool to guide the planning process of future training programs.

The Video Analysis service is offered in Italian, English, and Spanish language.


  • Process your order here;
  • Send the video via wetransfer to hello@sciroccotf.world indicating your Order Number available in the confirmation of purchase received by email;
  • Indicate in a clear and concise way which aspect of the video should be analyzed;
  • The analysis could take from one to five working days;
  • The video analysis will be sent back to the sender via YouTube private link.

Video analysis will be shared confidentially via a YouTube private link avoiding the exchange of heavy files and ensuring a fluent and efficient exchange of information.

Find more about how to submit your videos and receive an accurate analysis at the following link: https://sciroccotf.world/product/video-analysis/.


Below are some examples of previous analyses to show the results you can expect from this service.

YouTube playlist with several Scirocco TF analyses.

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Go ahead and book your video analysis here. Scirocco TF also offers a full range of Track and Field training services, including online one-to-one coaching and training camps in the south of Spain.

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