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Embark on a transformative athletic journey with Scirocco TF’s Training Camp. Join us for an immersive training experience in Spain’s ideal sports microclimate. Welcoming sprinters, jumpers, hurdlers, and coaches, our camp stands out for several key elements:

Idyllic Location

Nestled in the enchanting Costa Tropical of Spain, our camp boasts a picturesque setting. Athletes praise the town’s climate, providing an ideal backdrop for intensive training and creating a paradisiacal retreat. With winter temperatures at 18ºC and summer at 25ºC, abundant sunshine, and a refreshing sea breeze, this part of Spain easily becomes an athlete’s paradise.

Always available Facilities

Motril’s facilities are designed for athletes. A well-equipped gym, dedicated track space, and professional-grade amenities ensure that every aspect of your training receives the attention it deserves. Scirocco TF, in partnership with Club Atletismo del Sur, guarantees limited athlete access to the track during morning hours.

No need to come early morning to the track to reserve hurdles or training equipment like many times in your previous camps; spots are limited to ensure the quality of training first and foremost.

Cost-Effective Travel

Located on the Spanish peninsula, Motril and the Costa Tropical offer cost savings compared to island-based camps. Malaga Airport (AGP), well-connected to many European cities, ensures easy travel connections. The savings increase when considering the expenses a full team would incur while traveling.

Expert Coaching Team

Scirocco TF’s coaching team is renowned for its professionalism. Athletes appreciate clear communication, attention to detail, and the delicate balance of pushing boundaries while allowing space for individual growth.

  • Alessandro Vigo, Italian Sprint Coach and Strength and Conditioning Professional with over a decade of experience.
  • Jani Ratia, Finnish Track and Field professional coach, specializing in Sprints, Hurdles, and Horizontal Jumps.

Coaches infuse the camp with passion and energy. Athletes often speak of feeling cared for, guided excellently, and motivated to push beyond limits. It’s more than training; it’s an experience that leaves a lasting impact.

The focus on technical elements is a standout feature. Scirocco TF Coaches’ expertise shines through, offering precise guidance that elevates athletes’ skills and understanding. The blend of professionalism and inclusivity creates a unique learning environment.

Inspiring Community Environment

The atmosphere at Scirocco TF goes beyond training; it’s a community-driven journey. Athletes from diverse backgrounds converge, creating a global training community. The camaraderie and shared passion contribute to a stimulating environment for optimal performance.

Tailored for Everyone

Whether you’re a sprinter, jumper, hurdler (starting from the SUB16 category), coach, sports professional, or select Paralympians (excluding T32-34 and T51-54), our camp is tailored for you. Fill out the form to kickstart your camp experience!

Individualized Approach

Our coaching philosophy centers around personal growth. Athletes receive individualized attention, fostering an environment where everyone, from beginners to seasoned athletes, can thrive and achieve their best.

Seamless Registration & Stay

Enjoy a comfortable stay at Hotel Bahia Almuñécar, a modern hotel in the heart of Almuñécar. With various room options, including standard, suite, and special needs rooms, the hotel provides amenities like a swimming pool, spa, and a restaurant. Only 20 minutes from the track, it’s designed for your convenience.

Convenient Travel Options

  • By plane: Nearest airport – Malaga. Daily connections are available through www.alsa.es between the city and Almuñécar.
  • By train: Nearest stations – Granada and Malaga. www.alsa.es offers daily connections between the cities and Almuñécar.
  • By bus: www.alsa.es provides daily connections between various Spanish cities and Almuñécar.

Real Athlete Experiences

Discover the impactful experiences of past attendees at Scirocco TF Training Camp Reviews. Read all the reviews.

Tailored Inquiries & Customization

For inquiries or to customize your camp experience, reach out to us at hello@sciroccotf.world. Join us for a life-changing training camp uniquely crafted to help you achieve your goals.

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