Victoria Araujo Silva – Block Start, 100m Hurdles

Hello everyone, sorry for being one day late. I promised to send out this video yesterday but it has been a critically busy Monday. Anyway, here we go with a new video analysis.
This time we go about the transition from an 8 to a 7step approach to H1. A long work has been done over the last 6 months in order to have a pretty clear idea of where the 7 steps should land and after successfully execute the start in the training we decide to transfer the new start to the competition.
In the video I go in detail about each aspect of the start, here I list the main points:

  • Set position: Closer to the line keeping the rounded spine and relaxed neck.
  • Front Leg: Most probably you will placing your weaker leg on the front pedal. Do not worry, hard work and dedication always pay off. A combination of strength and technique will lead you to full mastery of this apparently uncomfortable position. Full extension out of the block with no rush in contacting the ground.
  • Your lane is the only one existing! DO NOT LOOK AT THE OTHERS. It is extremely important to train your vision to exclude what happens in the other lanes. Merging with the pattern of the 8stepper will take you too far from h1.
  • Take Off: Do not be scared of taking off from farther than usual. This will set you up perfectly for H2.

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