What is the LUXXprofile Test?

Standardized psycological assessment, fundamental.

The LUXXprofile Test is an online standardized psychological assessment. It provides information about the needs of a person by screening the primary motivational factors. It allows understanding someone’s behaviour in a deeper way, helping to achieve effective awareness of oneself and others.

How does the LUXXprofile Test work?

It portrays the human personality in all its uniqueness, using 16 distinct and stable primary motifs/desires:

  1. Curiosity,
  2. Social acceptance,
  3. Power,
  4. Status,
  5. Retention,
  6. Autonomy,
  7. Social participation,
  8. Principles,
  9. Social engagement,
  10. Structure,
  11. Safety,
  12. Revenge,
  13. Physical exercise,
  14. Food enjoyment,
  15. Family, and
  16. Sensuality.

These factors, interactively considered together represent basic impulses contained in our personality. The test consists of 16 self-descriptive scales for motive dispositions. Each one is assessed using 9 items corresponding to statements about everyday behaviours, attitudes, and habits.

Profile Sample

Participants are asked to rate the extent to which each statement applies to them (extreme values are: 0= “Does not apply to me at all” and 5 = “Fully applies to me”). Each individual can express his motifs in a very different way, showing and explaining what is really important in his/her life, what makes him/her happy, what motivates and demotivates him/her and for which reasons.

What are the origins of the LUXXprofile Test?

It has been developed in 2016-2017 by the Psychological Institute of the University of Luxembourg directed by prof. Samuel Greiff and co-founded by Peter Boltersdorf, an expert in Diagnostics of Personality Disorders, Motivation Counseling, Recruiting, Leadership, Team Development, Communication and motivational skills for training and competition with 18 years of experience with more than 8,500 people from different countries and cultures of which over 1,200 belong in the world of football and other professional sports including coaches, athletes and teams.

What you get out of the LUXXprofile test?

Each person who undergoes the LUXXprofile, therefore, receives a non-diagnostic profile with significant concrete and objective information on reflective knowledge in full suspension of judgment, with respect to their way of seeing things and operating.

This could mean a great deal of support in the structuring your private and professional life, pursuit and achievement of goals, as well as affecting the areas of relationships and education.

Life is a journey that takes many directions, but you always decide the itinerant path.
Let’s start this journey together.

Gianpaolo Caprino
🧠ICF Coach & 🔵 LUXX Profile Master 🔴

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