When you are losing your feet Wicket Runs can actually help.

This is Ana. Ana is training very well. We are trying to limit to her natural tendency to lean forward too much generating the typical over-kicking running style. How many of our guys have this attitude? Time to work what Americans call #uprightmechanics.

In this analysis, I explain to Ana what is the point of the exercise and why we are performing it. This is the language I use, in real life as in the video analysis service offered on my web page.

With the use of wickets, the athlete is forced to give order and structure to the race by having to overcome a barrier after each ground contact. Almost magically the barrier helps to find better alignment in the various phases that characterize the flying phase of the race. In this post, we can see how in only 20 minutes Ana can achieve a major improvement. It is now time to assimilate these new patterns and put them into our standard running style.

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