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Scirocco TF is located in Southern Spain, where the perfect climate reigns 12 months a year.

This land was first colonized by the Phoenicians who have been brought here by the warm Scirocco wind.

Phoenicians were extremely goal-oriented. As Scirocco.

They invented the first alphabet, marking the need for clear communication. As Scirocco.

They were the best sailors on the planet, with no fear of leaving home to discover new horizons. As Scirocco.

They never felt like a unique nation, but have always been united to achieve greater goals. The most cosmopolite team ever existed. As Scirocco.

Phoenicians were known for their out-of-the-scheme purple tint, the Phoenician Purple. A vivid colour fighting with darkness and anonymity.

As Scirocco.

The Facility

Estadio Municipal de Atletismo “Emilio Hidalgo Pérez”

Cam. del Cerro del Toro
18600 Motril, Granada – SPAIN

2019 Sportflex Super X720 – 13,5 mm
8 lanes 400m ring with double straight, 2 sandpits, 1 throwing cage, 3 throwing platforms, 3 shotput platforms, High Jump and Pole Vault.

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The Coaching Experience

Get to know the Scirocco TF team

Join coach Alessandro Vigo and all Scirocco TF’s crew to start your new training experience here in Southern Spain.

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¿When to come?

Scirocco is ready to host athletes 12 months a year. Get in touch to communicate us your selected period of stay, it will be a pleasure to help you plan your next training period in Spain.

¿Longer Period or Full Season?

Are you planning a full season in southern Spain? Get in touch with us at hello@sciroccotf.world to tell us more and get a specific quotation for your request.

Airport & Airlines

The nearest airport is Malaga (AGP), 90km away.

It is an important Airport for Spanish tourism as it is the main international airport serving Costa Del Sol. Malaga Airport is a hub for Easyjet, Ryanair and Vueling.


All athletes must comply with Spanish rules and regulations. All athletes must hold a Covid-19 Green Pass at the moment of travelling or comply with the current PCR normative.

In the unfortunate event of you testing positive to Covid-19, we will refund 100% of the cost if you provide us with an official document that confirms your positivity to Covid-19.


The following percentages will be reimbursed in relation to the date of cancellation:

28 DAYS: 90% of the paid price,
21 DAYS: 65% of the paid price,
14 DAYS: 40% of the paid price,
7 DAYS: 15% of the paid price.

In case of cancellation by the organizer, 100% of the paid price will be refunded. Refunds DO NOT include flights or any other cost not directly paid to alessandrovigo.com.


All participants are totally responsible for their health and safety. In the case of participants minors of age, the responsibility falls on parents or guardians.

The organization declines all responsibility for any other event that may occur during the period of stay.

The Map

What People Say

Paul Dedewo (USA)

Paul Dedewo (USA)

I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Alessandro in 2016 during his internship at ALTIS where I currently train. Not only was I impressed with his meticulousness as a coach, but also his enthusiasm and positivity. He was always quick to correct an athlete who was moving poorly or inefficiently (myself included). He is a wonderful coach and I am sure anyone who works with him will say the same.

Fernanda Mackenna

Fernanda Mackenna (CHL)

Tuve la oportunidad de conocer Alessandro en Altis donde destacaba por su pasión y el detalle de las cosas. Siempre atento al atleta y sus necesidades. Te escucha y sabe detectar las problemàticas o debilidades encontrando la solución para seguir avanzando.

Jani Ratia and Dayron Robles

Jani Ratia (FIN)

From personal experience, I can say that vast experience, know-how spiced with innovation and great communication skills are Alessandro’s recipe for the success with his athletes.

Andreas Behm

Andreas Behm (USA)

Alessandro is an up and coming coach with a variety of different experiences and language skills. He has sought out various training environments to refine his craft. He is now ready to put those lessons into practice.

Maurizio Pratizzoli

Maurizio Pratizzoli (ITA)

I am happy because I had the chance to work with Alessandro and that gave me the opportunity to compare new theories of coaching with mine. His preparation and his communication are great.

Emanuele di Marino and Arjola Dedaj

Emanuele di Marino and Arjola Dedaj (ITA)

Extremely prepared on Track and Field with a lot of knowledge on the most technical aspects. Indeed a very good coach!

Alejandro Segovia Vilchez

Alejandro Segovia Vilchez (ESP)

Humble, open-minded, positive, hard-working, persevering, broad-experienced and the most important: a good person. It was a pleasure to meet Alessandro and share with him knowledge and practice.

Vianney Selin

Vianney Selin (FRA)

Alessandro est un des entraineurs les plus professionnels et dévoués que je connaisse. Sa passion pour l’athletisme ne fais aucun doute. Son sens du détails et sa volonté constante d’apprendre et de progresser font de lui un entraineur à part.

Sergio Cañete Fernández

Sergio Cañete Fernández (ESP)

Alessandro es un fantàstico profesional del atletismo y del entrenamiento de fuerza. Durante nuestro período trabajando juntos aprendí mucho sobre el trabajo de deportes cíclicos así como el enfoque que realiza del trabajo de fuerza en cada disciplina.

Miguel Ángel Garcia Quintana

Miguel Ángel Garcia Quintana (ESP)

Solo puedo hablar bien de Alessandro. A parte de ser un gran profesional es una grandísima persona, que para mi, en los tiempos que corren, es un grandísimo valor. Siempre dispuesto a colaborar y aprender. Es un crack!


Andrea dell'Angelo (ITA)

Alessandro è un preparatore atletico estremamente preparato, professionale, con grande passione e notevoli esperienze in campo internazionale. Ottime capacità di lavoro in team, di comunicazione e di gestione degli atleti.

George Margi

George Margi (GEO)

Tanto a nivel profesional, como personal, Alessandro es un gran pilar en la formación de los atletas y un privilegio para los profesionales que trabajan con él.

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